Keepin' Up With Vicqui: Fashion Fan

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Who Influences Your Style?


1) Who influences your style?

a) My friends do.

b) My family does.

c) My co-workers and my supervisor does.

d) I always keep up with fashion trends by looking at magazines, newspaper articles about fashion and on the internet.

e) I learn about what the trends are by visiting different stores.

2) Do you feel comfortable adding your own signature touches to a trend?

a) Yes I do.

b) No I don't.

c) I don't know.

3) Do you believe you're influenced more by internal (i.e., psychological, emotional and intellectual) or external (job, friends, etc.,) issues when determining your style direction?

a) I believe I'm more influenced by internal issues.

b) I believe I'm more influenced by external issues.

c) I believe I'm influenced by both internal and external issues.