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Enjoying the Day in Pink and Brown


Pink and Brown Outfit

Photo by Victoria Moore

While riding the bus home from my Adobe Photoshop class at Santa Monica College I saw an attractive Caucasian man, sitting in the seat opposite me, wearing a brown zippered sweater, beige pants, and brown ankle boots.

"I like your …

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Luxe Track Pants...A Journey

My fantastical journey 

Illustration by Victoria Moore


   While vintage clothes will always hold a special place in my heart, modern styles can be just as special when worn the right way. Anyone who's ever taken a trip to the mall, or ridden the bus or subway, has seen examples of c…

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Dear Santa...My Christmas Fashion Wish List


Dear Santa:

   I know you usually receive letters and Christmas lists from small children who want the latest toys, clothes and electronics, but I was hoping you'd make an exception in my case and consider my fashion wish list for 2016. Through my enclosed sketches and brainstorming tac…

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The Good, the Wonderful and the Historical


   I've always loved vintage clothing, even when I could afford to buy retail, because the items I've seen have been so beautiful and interesting they make me long for a time when our society was a lot more stylish and less comfortable. I also believe that when we look to the past we can be insp…

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How I Shop Now


How I Spend:

WHERE I LOOK: "I'm not very wealthy, but I'm obsessed with looking good, so I shop at thrift stores that have consistently qualitative merchandise, off-price stores, chain stores and trendy shops. Even though I've been a regular at Ross for a long time now a little while ag…

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