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About: Vicqui's Story


   I was born in 1961 at Sunset Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Hollywood, California. I have a younger brother who's three years younger than me. Although I consider myself a late bloomer socially, emotionally and style-wise there are certain things from my upbringing that have shaped me such as the eras I grew up in, the 1960's and the 1970's, how my parents, family and other adults dressed then, music (i.e., jazz, R'n'B, soul and rock'n'roll), dancing and reading. When I was younger my style role models were Barbie, Twiggy, my mother, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison of "The Doors", and Janis Joplin. My favorite singers and groups were Nat King Cole, everyone from Motown, Aretha Franklin, the Beatles, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. My favorite stories were about Madeleine and Curious George. My favorite T.V. shows were Laugh-In, Gilligan's Island, cartoons and any show with dance and music. My most stylish moment was when my mother and I got matching afro wigs and daishikis for Christmas one year.

     Today I'd say my style is eclectic because I love blending vintage, retro and contemporary clothes to create my own look. As a fashion/feature writer, based in Los Angeles, CA., I also consider my biggest inspiration to be the city around me.